Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One of my other passions


  Woodworking is one of my passions but I also have others. One of my other passions, which has been with me since I was a child is BIKES!! From my first big wheel, tricycle, first two wheeler, to now mountain bikes, cruisers, road bikes, the rides, the people just everything about biking.

  Riding a bike is one of the most simple joys a person can have. You do not need an expensive top of the line bike or gear to get out there and have fun. Don't get me wrong certain bikes and gear can make your ride easier, more comfortable, more enjoyable, etc... just like you would not want to take a road bike on a rough mountain bike trail. You get the point.

  If you are just starting out for the most part you can go to your local bike shop and pick out a ride that fits you and your price range. Now I say go to your local bike for your bike for a few reasons, one is that I feel you should support local business as much as you can. Two, at your local shop they will help you pick out the right bike for your type of riding, size, etc... Three, if something goes wrong with your bike or you need something adjusted that you do not know how to do yourself you can always take it to them and they will help you out. You may ask why not just get a department store bike? They are cheaper etc.. I am not against department store bikes at all, I know alot of people hate these bikes because of how they are made, materials etc... Well I say, if a department store bike is all you can afford and if it will get you out there riding, then do it!! You will however at some point after riding your department store bike realize how much better the  bikes are at your local bike shop.

  When you are riding your bike you feel completely free. You see the world in a different light. You notice things that if you were driving by you would have never seen. It takes you back to when you were a kid, stress melts away(unless traffic is driving you crazy), riding just makes you happy. Riding a bike is good for you in every way. It gives you exercise, gets you outside and a million more reasons it is good for you. I am not one of those people who think cars are evil, I love my truck! Would I like to be able to ride my bike everywhere and do everything on my bike, hell yes. Well if you live here in Pittsburgh you understand how sometimes that just will not work. For some people it does work and I say good for them, thats awesome!

  Ok enough with my rambles, its time to get to the point. Lastnight at the OTB cafe there was a bike-pgh meet up witch turned into a benefit for a biker who was beaten up while riding home from work last week. The driver almost ran him over and when the biker(Nate) caught up to him at the next light(its funny how that always happens) Nate was going to tell him that he almost hit him and thats when the driver jumped out and beat up Nate and took off. Whats wrong with him??? The raffle made over $1700 to help Nate with his hospital bills.

  I donated a scroll saw piece which combines two of my passions, woodworking and bikes. The piece is called "How I Roll" I hope to make more bike related pieces and be much more involved in the biking scene here in the burgh.


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