Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New tool in the shop

Santa Claus brought a new tool to the DSH Woodworks workshop.  A woodburner set. This is my first "real" woodburner. I have had the ones that you get at craft stores but they do not have any way to control the temp. so if you want to just lightly shade something...well good luck with that.

  I got the Optima 1 dual from Cheryl Dow http://www.cherylddow.com/ She is a pro woodburning artist who is the best in her craft. She has many books and patterns for sale and always has time to answer questions.  The Optima 1 has fully adjustable temp. and jacks for two pens, this way you can have two pens at the ready with no need to stop working. The pens are guaranteed for life and any repairs you might need on them just send them back and they will be fixed as good as new for a very small fee. There are many different types of pens to suit any type of burning project you are working on. The set comes with two pens, the round heeled skew and the bent spear point shader, I also got the 1/16" ball pen.

I played around with it for a little bit tonight. The pens are very high quality, very smooth tips, they heat up and cool down quick. One other thing to not is how cool the pens are where you hold them.  The craft store burners just keep getting hotter and hotter the longer you use them but these pens are so comfortable to use that I can see myself losing track of time while burning. This new addition to my woodwork will take alot of practice to get good at it but to me that is part of the fun.

  I drew some simple patterns and went to work. The temp control makes such a big difference. No more burning something to a crisp when you just wanted to shade and area.

Stay tuned to see what I come up with and how practice goes. Thanks for reading.

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