Thursday, June 30, 2011

Next show

DSH Woodworks will be at the South Side Works with at the South Side Works Exposed event. This event will be all weekend, July 15-17. There will be bands, food, and lots of local artists selling there wares. For more info, see the flyer below and for even more info go to

  So please come on down and stop by the DSH Woodworks booth.

Les Paul

Here is a Les Paul guitar cutout perfect for the guitar player in your family, or yourself. Each guitar is about 18inches high. I am making other style guitar styles also, Strats, flying V, Acoustic, etc...

  Any style you can think of just let me know and I will cut it for you.

Enjoy and stay tuned for whats next.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Desk Bikes(in progress)

    These pieces are cut but not finished/stained yet. There are six different bike designs, road bike, mountain bike, etc... These bikes are perfect for the biker who wants to take a mini version of their bike to the office for their desk, to display in their home, etc... Each bike is about 5-6inches tall and about 8-9inches long.

   I will post more photos after I finish these pieces.

Enjoy and stay tuned for whats next!

Bike work stand

  In between the fifty other projects I have going on right now I decided to make something for one of my other obsessions......A bicycle work stand. I saw this idea on a bike site that I belong to called Rat Rod Bikes( This site is all about classic, custom, handmade, etc...bicycles. This idea came from someone who needed a cheap bike work stand to work on his bikes and this is what he came up with. I changed the design a little bit to make it stronger for my needs.

  It is made completely from 2x4's which I screwed together and came out with this........... Pardon the mess, like I said its been very busy in the shop.

The bike in the stand is a 59' J.C. Higgins that i am restoring.

The stand also comes apart so it can stand along the wall to save space, which as you can see space in my shop is limited.

Enjoy and stay tuned for whats next.

Above microwave cabinet

  Its been a while since I have posted. I've been very busy in the shop, kitchen cabinets, getting pieces ready for the big show in July and this above microwave cabinet for a customer.

  This cabinet is three foot wide and one foot deep. The microwave is attached to the bottom of the cabinet and to the wall. Matching the existing cabinet stain was not easy. The existing color is more than likely an old color being that the house is a beautiful old house. So after many different samples the stain color the customer finally went with is called "cinnamon toast". They felt it matched the existing cabinets best. So here it is.......

Enjoy, and stay tuned for whats next.