Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last min. Christmas order

  I got an email this past Wed. from Alex. Alex saw my work at the imadeit for the holidays show in Bakery square and wanted to buy a few pieces as Christmas gifts but the person who the gifts were for was with Alex. So Alex took one of my cards and placed an order with DSH Woodworks.

  Alex and I emailed a few times to work out the details because Alex wanted the pieces for Christmas and they would have to be shipped. Being that each piece at DSH Woodworks is handmade one at a time it was going to be close. I worked out how long shipping would take and worked backwords from there to see if I could even fill Alex's order. I figured the latest I could ship them out to get there before Christmas would be Monday, so that gave me four days to make the three pieces Alex wannted.

  Time to make sawdust!!!!

  After some long hours in the shop(I love doing that : )) I got the three pieces done and they are packed and ready to ship tomorrow.

  Here are the pieces Alex ordered..... Bike 1, Bike 2 and a hanging lantern. They turned out great and I hope Alex enjoys giving them for Christmas.

Last min. orders are stressful, especially when they are being placed to give as gifts, not only gifts but CHRISTMAS gifts the week before Christmas. BUT last min. orders show you what you are made of. It shows you how much you actually can work, how creative with your time you can be, it helps you find short cuts that you might not have figured out before, it takes away the excuse of "I don't have time".  This order was VERY fun to complete!!! I learned alot, not only about my craft but about myself as well.

  Thank you for your order Alex!!!!

Enjoy and stay tuned for whats next.

Antler plaques

 This order came from a co-worker, yes I have a day job, thats how I pay the He ordered three antler mount plaques. He even had a pattern for me to use. These plaques could be used for any type of award, antler mounts, etc...

  The plaques are $25 ea. They can be stained any color you choose and if there is a different shape you would like please put that in your custom order.

Enjoy and stay tuned for whats next

Celtic Cross

  I met a woman at the imadeit for the holidays show at Bakery Square. She wanted a Celtic Cross, she came to my table just as someone else was walking away with the last one I had at the show. No worries tho because here at DSH Woodworks we take orders as well as custom orders. She placed an order and a week later I sent it out. I hope she enjoys her cross as much as I enjoyed making it.

  Thank you for your order Jennifer

Enjoy and stay tuned for whats next!!!