Thursday, September 30, 2010

Test fit up

Finally feeling like I'm making some progress(very little but some). Test fit the parts for one piece, if you have not guessed it is a lamp. I am making three lamps to enter into the show I wrote about before. A little more sanding to go and this one will be ready for stain.

  Because this piece needs to be stained before it is put together it is VERY important that everything fits just right before the stain goes on. If the parts don't fit after stain, take ten steps back and start over. The moral of the story is ALWAYS test fit parts before you put them together for final assembly.

  Stay tuned, all three lamps must be completely done by Saturday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Work in progress

  Here is the latest project I am working on. Any guess as to what it will be? I have made a few of these pieces before for friends and family. The ones I am currently working on are for a jury show with i made it market  To apply to this show you have to submit photos and be chosen to attend.

  Stay tuned to see the progress.

Welcome to the shop

Hello everyone and welcome to DSH Woodworks!

  This is my little corner of the web where I will share my woodworking projects, shop tips, events I will be at, take orders for anything you see that you like and take custom orders, etc....
  I hand make everything from scroll saw art, boxes, word art, shelves, cabinets, picture frames and anything else that I set my mind to making or that I get an order for. Currently along with my other projects I am working with Goodeelicious  in a colaboration making gift boxes.

  Stop in often to see what I'm working on.