Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Made It! for the Holidays

  I have not been posting much lately because I have been busy working on projects for the I Made It! for the Holidays show, which was Dec. 3rd and I feel was a success!

  This was my first show with the I Made It Market, actually my first show ever. In case you don't know about I Made it Market they are an indie craft/art show promoter who puts on shows all over Pittsburgh and the surounding area. You can learn more about them and see a schedule of events, etc.. on their website

  First I would like to thank Carrie and Nina from I made it market for giving me the chance to be apart of such a great event. The show was held in the South Side Works at the former Ann Taylor loft. This is a fairly big space to fill and it was full of local artist. There was everything from jewlery, T-shirts, hats, prints, soap, etc... all items are handmade by local artists, which to me is something very special. This show was a juried show so each artist had to "earn" a spot by sending in photos of what they make and then the people of I Made it Market picked who best fit the show.

  I was in the "fitting room", which as the name says, was the fitting rooms of the old store. My space was small BUT I knew this ahead of time. I was just glad to be a part of this show no matter where my spot would be. Honestly my spot fit me perfectly for what I made for the show. I did not have alot of pieces due to a couple of family emergencies so what I brought fit the space very well. I don't think there was as much "traffic" through the fitting room area due to its size. With this being my first show ever, the fact that there was not as much traffic as there was in the main area was, again a good thing.

  I got very good feedback from everyone. People asked if I laser cut some of my pieces, that is a 100% NO!! I can understand why people would ask this question. People nowadays see things that are laser cut all the time. Again I understand why things are mass produced using laser cutting but I personally do not like it, especially when people try to pass off laser cut items as handmade. Everything I make is handmade by me. I do use power tools, scroll saw, table saw, router, etc... but no lasers! Each piece takes time and is unique because they are made one at a time.

  I made a few sales, more than I expected. I actually made a little profit which is a bonus. The best part of the show was making contacts and getting my name out there. I talked with another vendor who has been trying to make an item to enhance his product and I just might have the skills and know how to help him and myself because I will get to create a new item. Hopfully I will get get some orders from people who now have my bizz card.

  The only issue that I saw with the show was that people did not know where it was.  The south side works has lots of shops in a small area but, as far as I know, there were no signs pointing out where the market was. I Made It Market did advertise ALOT with the location but I think some signs might have brought more attention to the location. Even with out the signs there was a big crowd.

  Ok enough rambling, I need to made sawdust. I had a GREAT time and can not wait to be a part of another I made it market event!!!

  Here are a few photos of my spot. Thanks again to I Made It Market!!!!!

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